Growing with values

Social Responsability

Code of Conduct

Liability in our links. Quality in our products.

Since its creation as a family-owned company, Gastaldi has grown as a business, facing ongoing challenges, learning from mistakes, consolidating its market position and succeeding in integrating the advantages of family culture with professional management. We find motivation in the creation of a team embracing commitment and flexibility, capable of fulfilling higher goals that reflect our learning as a human team. We pursue the challenge of GROWING by way of a clear vision forward that sets the direction, guided by a mission that engages us in our actions and bound by the values that define us as individuals and as a team.

Together we may grow from the sum of our qualities as well as learn from best practices. Let us be open to changes and seek ongoing renewal to innovate at the right time and improve proactively. This code guides us in our daily performance and reflects what Gastaldi has been projecting onto each individual member and the stakeholders with whom we interact from the onset, and at the same time, it stands for our way of doing things.