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Argentine Peanut Crop Report as per February 4th, 2022
Argentine Peanut Crop Report as per February 4th, 2022     General perspective Now that January is over, [...]
SMETA CERTIFICATION Committed to Social Responsibility and Sustainability Our Peanut Plant was audited under Sedex SMETA protocol, with no [...]
World Peanut Meeting 2021
World Peanut Meeting 2021 Update on the Worldwide Peanut Industry THE WORLD PEANUT MEETING provides a unique opportunity to get the latest [...]
Argentine Peanut Crop Report 2020/2021 #6
Season 2020/2021 - #6 General Overview The overall state of the peanut crop in Argentina has improved since our last report, amid [...]
ArgentinePeanuts – The World’s Healthiest Foods
Peanuts, raw 0.25 cup (36.50 grams) Calories: 207 GI: low NutrientDRI/DV  copper47%  manganese31%  vitamin [...]
5 Things You Don’t Know About Harvesting Peanuts
Peanuts don’t grow on trees…or bushes, for that matter. They’re legumes that grow underneath the soil. This helps make peanuts [...]
Peanut Types
Runner Peanuts Uniform in kernel size (which allows for even roasting), the runner peanut is most commonly used for making peanut butter. [...]
Peanut, that irresistible «Crunch»
Grandesproductos Argentina Escribe: Laura Litvin Instagram @laulitvin Raw, toasted, peeled, unpeeled, roasted, with or without salt, [...]
Sial Paris 2018 Once again, Gastaldi was present at one of the most important events in the food industry worldwide, SIAL PARIS [...]
15 Nutty Facts About Peanuts
1. PEANUTS ARE NOT NUTS. Just because the word “nut” is in their name doesn’t make them nuts. 2. THEY’RE GOOD FOR YOU. Peanuts are [...]