SORTEX H3 Spectravision

SORTEX H3 Spectravision

We are moving to the next level, taking a step into de future

At Gastaldi we are committed to continous with innovation.

We continuously pursue new technologies to optimize our processes to deliver customers safe and innocuous products, with a strong commitment to excellence and quality.

This time, we incorporated the new SORTEX H3 Spectravision in our peanut sorting process. This means that Gastaldi is the first company in Argentina to add this avant-garde technology, placing us one step ahead in the peanut sorting process industry, to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer base.

SORTEX Spectravision H3

The SORTEX H3 Spectravision incorporates Merlin AI technology, which provides multiple advanced sorting algorithms by color and defect size to guarantee an effective ejection. All of these, assisted with a new generation of sensors, full-color cameras, and new LEDs that ensure enhanced defect detection.

With this new sorter, we continue working to scale up our processes through the incorporation of leading-edge technologies, with a view to offering, once again, cleaner, healthier, and safer products.

At Gastaldi we are moving to the next level, taking a step into the future.


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