Chocolate peanut nougat recipe


Chocolate peanut nougat recipe

a recipe for


1 chocolate pionono
2 tbsp Peanut butter
250 g sweet milk
120 g chocolate bath
Peanut crispy c / n


Cut the pionono into rectangles.
Mix the dulce de leche with the peanut paste, until a creamy consistency is obtained, ideal for filling cakes.
Place between the pionono layers and cover with chocolate. Decorate with white chocolate bath.
Before drying, sprinkle with peanut butter and let dry.

Tips or Tips
Enjoy infusions such as tea, coffee or classic mates.

This recipe was published in the Taste of Peanuts Book of Peanuts, 2015. Sabores del Maní is a gastronomic festival that takes place in June in the city of General Cabrera, Córdoba.

Source: Cordoba Peanuts


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